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Trade popular cryptocurrency CFDs with Blueberry Markets

Choose from popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, and more - trade them against the US Dollar on our leading CFD platform.

Why trade Cryptocurrency CFDs with Blueberry Markets

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No digital

Avoid the complexities of holding a digital wallet and trade crypto CFDs on our MT5 platform

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Go long or

Make the most of the rising and falling prices of the cryptocurrency market

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Fixed 10:1

Take your profits to new heights with 10:1 leverage on your trades

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regulated broker

Trade crypto CFDs with the leading, regulated, and trusted broker.

Check out live spreads on cryptocurrency CFDs

No matter what you trade, costs matter, and we are constantly committed towards keeping our
costs as transparent and competitive as possible.

Instrument Bid Ask Spread
BTC Bitcoin 60957.5 60969.0 1200 Trade Arrow Icon
Ethereum Ethereum 4310.85 4311.85 100 Trade Arrow Icon
Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin
587.8 588.2 40 Trade Arrow Icon
Litecoin Litecoin 195.665 195.705 4 Trade Arrow Icon
Ripple Ripple 1.09 1.1 1 Trade Arrow Icon

Live prices are indicative only. Check your platform for the most up to date prices.
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Diversify your portfolio
cryptocurrency CFDs

You can trade cryptocurrencies with Blueberry Markets as CFDs (contract for differences), which allows you to speculate on the price movement of cryptocurrencies without taking ownership of the actual underlying assets.

With 10:1 leverage and competitive spreads, you can start with capital investment that suits your trading goals

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Trade on the world-class
MetaTrader platform

With accurate insights, fast executions, and automated trading strategies, MetaTrader is an incredibly powerful trading platform, built for successful traders. Full of advanced features and yet simple enough for beginners, MetaTrader can unlock unlimited trading possibilities for you.

Frequently Asked

What are Cryptocurrency CFDs?

Cryptocurrency CFDs or Cryptocurrency Contract for Difference, allow traders to speculate and profit from the changing cryptocurrency prices without actually taking ownership of the underlying digital currencies.

What is cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency trading includes buying and selling of cryptocurrencies or speculating on the price movements of different cryptocurrencies through a CFD trading account.

How to start trading cryptocurrency?

There are two ways to trade cryptocurrencies. The first is to buy digital currencies and hold on to them for long-term with the hope that they increase in value and the second is to speculate on the cryptocurrency prices through CFDs. While buying digital currencies takes substantial investment and long-term efforts putting you at risk for big losses, getting cryptocurrency CFDs requires you to invest only a small amount to make big profits.

What is the best cryptocurrency for CFD trading?

Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency for CFD trading as it provides you with high leverage, profits, and minimal risk. It is also one of the most widely traded digital currencies, making it a safe bet.*

Do day trading rules apply to cryptocurrency?

No, day trading rules do not apply to cryptocurrencies. There are no limitations on day trading any kind of cryptocurrency.

Are Bitcoin CFDs safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to trade bitcoin CFDs. You should just make sure to trade all kinds of CFDs with a reputable online trading broker like Blueberry Markets for safe and streamlined transactions.*

Are crypto CFDs legal?

Yes, it is legal to buy and trade in cryptocurrency CFDs in most parts of the world. Although, it should be noted that CFDs are currently illegal in the US and Hong Kong.

Can I buy real cryptocurrency on Blueberry Markets?

While you can’t buy real cryptocurrency on Blueberry Markets, you can do buy something better -- Cryptocurrency CFDs which allow you to speculate and profit from the changing prices of different cryptocurrencies.

How to get rich trading cryptocurrency?

You can get rich trading cryptocurrencies with the help of cryptocurrency CFDs. With CFDs (Contract for Differences), you speculate on the market movement, invest only a small percent of the actual position you take, and make big profits.*

Is crypto trading profitable?

Yes trading in cryptocurrency is definitely profitable -- when done right. Just like every other type of trading, it can be risky to invest in the market, but with the right knowledge and trading experience, you can minimize your losses and rake big profits.*

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* Disclaimer: There are also risks
involved as margin trading is high risk
such as the loss of margin.