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Instrument Bid Ask Spread
USD Gold Gold USD Gold 1794.34 1794.48 14
USD Silver USD Silver Silver 23.992 24.011 1.9
Spot WTI Spot Crude 84.243 84.247 5.4
Spot Brent Spot Brent 85.333 85.387 5.4
Platinum Platinum 3.06 3.04 2

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Frequently Asked

What is spread in commodity trading?

Spread in commodity trading is the difference between the buy and sell price of the commodity. A commodity can be traded by taking simultaneous long/short positions depending on the current market conditions.

How to calculate return on commodity spread trades?

The return on commodity spread trades is calculated by taking the difference between the price you purchased the commodity at and the price you are selling it at. For example, you traded a commodity at the buying price of $100 and are now selling it at $130, the return on the commodity is then $130-$100 = $30.

What commodities are traded?

Crude oil, silver, gold, and natural gas are just some of the many commodities that are highly traded globally in the commodities market.

Which commodity is best to buy now?

Crude oil, gold, platinum, and silver are some of the best commodities to trade in right now. Metals and precious metals top the list to invest in due to their soaring prices.

How to calculate profit on commodities futures spread trade?

You can calculate the profit on commodities futures spread by multiplying the $ value of a single price move in the commodity by the total number of price moves in the futures contract since the date of your purchase.

What are the basic commodities?

The basic commodities in the commodities market include precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, energy like natural gas and crude oil, agricultural products like wheat, cotton, sugar, and metals like copper, lead, zinc, and more.

How are commodities traded?

The best and most common way of trading commodities is through futures and CFDs on a trading exchange platform. Buying a contract for difference for commodities allows you to enter the market with leverage and significantly less capital all the while making big profits.

What are the top 5 commodities in the world?

Crude oil, gold, silver, platinum, and even coffee are considered as the top 5 commodities in the world in the commodities market.

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